How to import MicroBots from Prota (MicroBot Push mobile app)

You can now create a shortcut to using your MicroBots on your mobile. Instead of going to the Prota Space app, opening your Prota and going to the MicroBot app in Prota Space, you can now use the MicroBots connected to your Prota with the MicroBot mobile app! 

Make sure that you have upgraded and downloaded both, the Prota Space and MicroBot mobile apps and follow these steps:

1. Go to the MicroBot mobile app.

2. Touch the "+" button and select the "Import from Prota" option.

3. Select the Prota from which you wish to import the MicroBots.

4. Done! You can now control the MicroBots paired with your Prota on the MicroBot mobile app.

However, if you want to edit the features of the MicroBot, such as the name, whether the MicroBot pushes normally, invertedly or toggles or how long it will push, you have to enter the MicroBot app on your Prota.

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