Can't connect to IFTTT.

Make sure that you have installed both the IFTTT mobile app and the IFTTT app on Prota Space.

 (1. Uninstalled IFTTT app in App Library. 2. Installed IFTTT app )

The IFTTT app on Prota Space only provides the connection between IFTTT and the Prota, not an actual IFTTT interface. You can use and make IFTTT applets on the IFTTT app or at 

If you have already installed all necessary apps and you still can't connect to IFTTT, make sure that the Prota Space app and IFTTT app(on Prota Space) are upgraded to the latest versions. See here how to get OS upgrades for Prota. 

If the problem persists and you still have problems connecting to IFTTT, send us a support request on

See more detailed steps on how to connect to IFTTT here.

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