Changing Prota's WiFi network (Activating AP Mode)


How to change the network:

Video tutorial

First, you will need to activate AP Mode:

1. Hover your hand quickly over the top of your Prota S. A green light should light up immediately.

2. Quickly hover over the top for the second time(within a few second) and hold your hand on top until the light starts blinking red and blue.

You have now activated the AP Mode on your Prota S!

3. Open the WiFi settings on your smart device, find the Prota's SSID and try to connect by entering the password you set for your Prota and connect.

4. After successfully connecting to the Prota, open the Prota Space app. 

5. You will get a message when you open the app, which says that there is no WiFi network and asks you if you want to connect to a network. Press OK and proceed to the next step.

6. Go the 'Settings' on Prota Space.

7. Tap on the 'WiFi' tab, choose the desired WiFi from the list of available networks and connect.


8. Your Prota is now connected to the Internet again and should be ready to use! 

Please note that the network configuration might take a few minutes after connecting to the desired network.

Once Prota successfully connects to the network, the led will stay green and then turn off. If not, Prota will automatically enter the AP mode. You should try the procedure again. Please confirm the status and password of the network where Prota connects


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