Prota said "The access link is not valid".

There are two possible cases that leads to that error

1) This error message appears right after Prota's first configuration

  • Make sure to use the latest access link sent by email to your inbox.
  • Make sure you used an access link, and not the activation that was first sent to you (which only works for activation)
  • If you used the correct access link, please reboot your Prota S then try to access it again.
  • If the problem persists, please reset your Prota S following this guide How to reset Prota S?

2) This error message appears after several uses of Prota, and this access link worked fine until now.

  • In this case, the security code of the access link you're using expired because of a network connection error, unstable system performing etc.
  • Please reboot and try to access your Prota through the latest access link again.

If the problem persists, please submit a ticket with your Prota ID and access link.
- You can find your Prota ID in the Settings App, in 'System settings' section.
- You can copy your access link by right-clicking on the button of the latest email sent to you with an access link (do not forward the email as this does not work).


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