I can't scan my MicroBots

Sometimes you might come across a situation when you can't find your MicroBots when you try to scan and pair them.

1. Check your MicroBot is not paired with any device

Make sure you check that the MicroBot you are trying to pair is on, not paired with another device and check that you have an active bluetooth connection on the device that you are trying to connect your MicroBot to.

You can check if a Prota is still/already paired with a device by checking its LED status. Press on it manually. If the LED blinks blue, it means it's unpaired and open to pairing. If it blinks pink, it means it's paired. If you want to unpair your MicroBot, follow those steps:
1. Turn off your MicroBot
2. Turn it back on and directly press on the manual button. Hold 10 seconds. It should keep a red LED, then blink several times. 
3. After reset, the MicroBot should be blinking blue, meaning "I'm ready to be paired with any device."

2. Confirm your MicroBots isn't already in the list

Sometimes, even if you reset your MicroBot device without erasing it on the smartphone app, it still not ready to be paired with another device. Please make sure you delete your MicroBot from the list on MicroBot smartphone app.

3. Make sure your app or Prota device are up-to-date

Depending on the version, some MicroBots cannot be managed properly on a old version. Please make sure all softwares such as your MicroBot smartphone app or Prota OS are on the latest version.
-> Update Prota OS
-> Update your Prota apps

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