How to pair MicroBot with Prota

Depending on the version, Prota has two different ways of scanning and pairing MicroBots.


For Prota OS below v161024

1. Enter the MicroBot Push app from Homescreen

2. Start scanning

3. Touch any blinking MicroBots nearby the Prota. A scanned MicroBot should blink in pink, purple and blue (the LED should match the color of Prota's LED).

4. Touch the top of the MicroBot to complete pairing.
* If you don't touch it, the MicroBot will stop accepting any pairing request in about 30 seconds. Please leave it for about another 30 seconds and try it again.



For Prota OS v161024 or the above


1. Make sure all MicroBots are turned on, and go to Homescreen.
* Prota will automatically scan any nearby MicroBots that are not paired with any device.


2. Wait for connections with Prota
* Prota needs to connect to MicroBots to send its pairing request. Once it receives the request, the MicroBot should blink in various colors. The LED colors of Prota, MicroBot and UI should match each other if they are ready to be paired.


3. Touch the top of the blinking MicroBot to complete pairing.



Extra perks for using the latest Prota OS

1. Open the MicroBot Push mobile app on your smartphone (iOS or Android). Make sure it's the latest version.

2. Click + button and select 'Import from Prota'.


3. Select a Prota to import all paired MicroBots

4. Done. Now you can also control MicroBots that are connected to Prota! You can import MicroBots to other devices at the same time without unpairing any MicroBots and pairing them again.

In this way, MicroBots are controllable from the outside of your home network, by multiple devices (phone, tablet, PC, etc.), simultaneously.


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