How to reset MicroBot Push

When do I need to reset my MicroBot?

- A MicroBot is paired with only one host device at a time, but sometimes, the connection between two devices might be unstable, and therefore, one of them might not get the full information about the other peer.

- In such case, the app may ask you to reset your MicroBot to clear all peer information.


How to reset?


1. Turn off the device by sliding the power switch away from the charging port.

2. Turn on the device. The LED should be blinking in red.

(If the MicroBot is not paired with any device, it will be blinking in blue, in which case, you don't need to reset the device.)

3. Touch the capacitive button on top immediately when it starts blinking red and hold for about 10 seconds until the LED starts blinking red rapidly.

4. Release, and the LED now should be blinking in blue.

5. Done. Try to pair again!

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    Donald Booth

    I got the message about resetting the microbot after upgrading the iOS app. I did not know what to do but this procedure worked.