How Prota S is different from Prota for Raspberry Pi (Prota Pi)?

Prota S can be used by ordinary people, while Prota for Raspberry Pi is designed specifically for the 'do it yourself' community.

Prota S just works out of its box without a complicated set-up process and additional hardware. Bluetooth, WLAN come already embedded inside Prota S.


On the contrary, Prota Pi (Prota OS mounted on Raspberry Pi) needs to be manually installed on MicroSD card, which then has to be plugged into Raspberry Pi. Also some additional hardware such as the bluetooth dongle or WLAN card might be necessary depending on user's DIY project.

Main differences are:

- Performance: Prota S is optimzed platform to perform procedures of Prota OS
- Connectivity: Prota S(8 MicroBots), Prota Pi(5 MicroBots)
- Membership offers

We are supporting Raspberry Pi version as we believe that the community of makers has the capacity and passion to shape what's going to be the next big thing in the IoT universe.If you want to learn more about our contributions to DIY community, please visit our instructables page!(

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