IFTTT integration: Prota channel


  1. Prota device
    * We recommend you use Prota Space mobile app on your smartphone.
  2. IFTTT account


Step Guide:

  1. Configure Prota device[Prota Guide]
  2. Install IFTTT app on to your Prota.
  3. Go to the Prota channel on IFTTT, using the mobile app or a browser.
  4. Connect the Channel to your Prota. We recommend using the Prota Space mobile app for these steps.(But remember, if you are using Prota Space with a browser: to connect with IFTTT, you have to use the same browser where you accessed Prota Space)
  5. Choose the connectable Prota.
  6. You are now connected to the Prota channel on IFTTT!


Here are some examples of the Prota channel applets:

There are two ways to integrate Prota device with IFTTT service like following:

When a storyline is executed: Use a Storyline to Trigger an Action. The Trigger will go off either when one particular Storyline or ANY Storyline is executed.


Execute a storyline: When something is Triggered, you can choose a Storyline you want to be executed and which parameters will be sent to the Prota from IFTTT (depending on parameters collected by the trigger service/device). You can choose to execute one certain Storyline or all of them.


 Please check the attached link to find a full IFTTT guide. http://docs.prota.info/guides/apps/ifttt/


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